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Amazing what can be accomplished with a screwdriver.

So today, i did all this nifty home improvement type stuff ... not that I have any skills at such things, but I didn't figure it could be too hard ... and I have my trusty screwdriver. No other tools in this house, just my little phillips screwdriver.

Amazingly enough, i didn't break anything, didn't throw anything, and did not punch any walls. And now my upstairs bathroom is all shiny. Hard to explain what i put in there ... but it is shinier than it was previously.

Putting screws in walls without benefit of a drill or an electric screwdriver is a huge pain in the ass.

The plumber came this morning, and my two-bathroom house now has two functioning bathrooms. While he was here, Oberon got out the back door. I realized he was gone after the guy left, and looked all over the complex for him with no luck. Really freaked me out ... i love Obi.

So I left the back door and the gate open, figure he'll come back given the chance, as he's never been outside before. Sure enough, I walk downstairs an hour later and he's sitting in the middle of the midle of the living room.

The bastard.

Make me worry like that.

I'm so happy he came back.

... and Flea and I are off to OC ... probably be there until thursday night.

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