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is it always this stressful?

Just as i sit down to write about what a terrible night i've had and how awful it's left me feeling, my stupid fucking cat walks over and pees on my purse. my unique, unwashable Kelly bag.

shitty end to a shitty day.

I spent most of my night working with a lovely, sweet, adorable dog who is probably destined to die.
Technicians that i am supervising made stupid mistakes that compromised patient care.
I spotted a chihuahua running alongside the freeway on my way home, and was unable to catch him. I circled around twice after he ran off, and did not see him again - i can only hope that he got through on of the gaps in the fence and into a safer area. I feel terrible for not being able to help him.

i love my job, so why do i come home wanting to cry sometimes?

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