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there is no you there is only me

My schedule is so jacked up.
I worked four hours tonight, to fill a gap where there was no supervisor. I may start working Mondays, but only if i am taken off Sundays. I have a meeting tomorrow at one, school 6-10, work 10-8, tattoo removal at 9, and then a couple of blessed days off.
I'm going to try and change my schedule so that i work saturday, monday, tuesday, wednesday. It would be nice to have sunday off, and i'm finding that working only three days a week does not finance the lifestyle i've become accustomed to. Sundays off would give me some more Michael time, as right now are schedules clash a bit.

Sending letters off today, to Danny in jail and Sean in the army. I'm not sure who's worse off, but sean went voluntarily. I need to get Alex's address, as well.

somebody called me today from an eastern nebraska area code. as far as i know, i don't know anyone in nebraska. I hate it when people don't leave messages.

I need to go to sleep so that I can get up at a reasonable hour, but now i'm all bouncy and wired. Also, i came home to find a package from Barnes & Noble on my front porch, so i have things i want to start reading now. (this is thanks to my 'i'm depressed and want to spend money' issues of last week.)

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