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I got to sleep for eight hours today, and i don't have to work on sunday, and i'm going to see Michael tonight, and I'm going to Maschine (underdressed and late, but i'll be there), and Lonny's party is tomorrow.

And i'm not at work right now, and after last night, i don't even want to think about it for a while. Long story short ... if your 13 year old large breed dog has cancer so advanced that his skin is falling off and a nasty disease where his immune system attacks his own blood, maybe it was time to let go a while back.
Although the crazy hippie lady's impression of Dr. HM was pretty funny.

Had my tattoo lasered at today.
"Now don't be surprised if a large blister develops over the whole area. That happens sometimes when we use both lasers."
"Um ... both lasers?"
"Yes - today, i'm going to go over it with one laser, and then over it again with another one."
and it hurt like i would expect twice as much laser to hurt. but it was quick and done and they still give me a student discount.

tonight, to better things.
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