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Between Michael's schedule and mine, i just don't sleep enough.

We stayed at the party far too late (it's hard to leave when you're winning at blackjack) and didn't sleep until after two. Alarm goes off bright and early at seven, and i don't even have cash for starbucks drive-through. He said I could sleep there as long as I wanted, but i'd feel uncomfortable sleeping in his house without him there.

The party was much fun. It is possible that i drank just a little too much, but that was the best whiskey i've ever had - older than me! I need to find out what that was ...
It was someone's birthday, the teenage boys were drunk, the smokers congregated in the back, Steph had an astonishing amount of cleavage and took pictures - not too bad a party.

Today, i go to visit Danny, and then i go home and clean my house. The lines at Theo Lacy get worse every week, and I am not looking forward to two hours in the sun. Nor do i have anything appropriate to wear. At least I have a book, and I can write a letter to Alex.

I don't like having to worry about my friends because they are in the military.
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