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chatrient made me do it

List 10 things that make you happy then tag five people to answer

1. chihuahua cuddling
2. getting letters
3. music that makes me dance
4. having time to read
5. seeing a patient walk out the door
6. ventilators!
7. michael cuddling
8. haircuts
9. semi-naked pictures
10. salad

so i'm going to tag five people, and i doubt anyone will do it anyway.

and in real entry ...
Yesterday started badly and ended not-so-bad ... today could go wonderfully or horribly. Michael is going to come up to the house, and there's so much baggage associated with that, i hope it all goes smoothly. I really do think it could be a nice time. We've got almost twenty-four hours of no obligations.
If he didn't keep changing his mind, i would have gotten the house in better shape, but he may just have to deal with sleeping on sheets covered in cat hair.

I've got sundays off now, so we might even be able to do this more often. maybe. so now i work saturday, then school and work monday, school and work tuesday. I'm thinking about picking up some friday swings, just to help out. i need the money, badly.
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