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It's hot and I'm tired and there's nothing to eat here but chocolate cake and my stomach is not happy because i just had chocolate cake for breakfast.


Michael stayed up at my house Sunday night. It was nice ... it will be nicer when the weather cools off. Watched two movies where Kevin Bacon played a pedophile ... bonus points to anyone who can figure out what two movies feature him as a pedophile. Totally random selection, too, i wasn't going for a theme.
It was nice having him up there again. Even if it was too hot to breathe.

school tonight. work after that. Home after that, and home makes me happy. Machine on Wednesday and The Locust on Thursday, and that makes me happier.
*nevermind, The Locust is sold out. boo, sadness.

I'm picking up some fridays this month at work, this one and every other one following for september. I hate to do it, but i need the money and the shifts need the help. so it works out. I get paid tonight, but my paycheck will be for a paltry 50 hours, minus taxes and insurance and all the other things that get to my money before i do.
The paycheck in two weeks, however, will have almost ninety hours because of the way my shifts fell last month. i hate it when that happens.

okay, one more day and then i get to sleep for eight whole hours.

Some people just ought to stay the fuck away, but like fleas, just keep coming back.

Got a vent dog at work last night. It was kind of a sad one - most likely a terminal patient, just waiting for some test results to come back to say for sure if it was cancer or not. Easy enough, though.

Some people at work found my MySpace page and associated pictures. I'm annoyed - less that they know of the site and pics, more that they are amused by it. My life outside of work is just that - mine.

Someday, I'll have interesting things to write about.
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