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The more I read about New Orleans, the sadder I get.
I love that city, I love the people there ... the history and the architecture and the music and the thunderstorms ...
Michael and I had talked about going out there next year. I wanted to show him why I enjoyed it so much.

Now it looks more and more like there's not going to be any city to visit. The rebuild, if there is a rebuild, will take years. The city was crumbling even before the hurricane.

The people ... it's heartwrenching, the stories that are coming out of there. This is supposedly the largest displacement of people within the U.S. since the civil war. Where do you house the residents of a whole city? The conditions at the Superdome are said to be abysmal - thousands of people sharing a space with limited food and water, no power, no plumbing. Riots are being described. Rape, robbery, murder. Corpses left in the open for lack of anywhere to put them.

When I was there, i was struck by the poverty - it's a different kind of poverty out there, and it's overwhelming. Growing up in OC, where kids feel poor if they don't get a car for their 16th birthday ... it skews your point of view a bit. In NO, I saw people that were living with nothing ... the homeless population there is huge. People are blaming the victims, saying that they had time to get out, and that's crap. The evacuation effort before the storm was reliant on private transportation. What do you do with the thousands who have no cars? No money for plane tickets, bus tickets? The ones who had nowhere else to go?
How are these people, who had so little to start with, going to rebuild?

Please, remember how lucky we all are to have what we have. Give some - to the red cross, to the humane society, wherever. Remember that at any time, any of us could become dependent on the kindness and mercy of others. We (and by we, I especially mean my OC compatriots - those who are still speaking to me, anyway) are a comparatively affluent group, even if it may not seem so by OC standards. Spare what you can.

okay, off my soapbox now, just wanted to get that out.

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