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puddle of blood

I worked a swing shift last night ... i did not like it so much.
I was tired and disoriented and hung over - my own fault, i know. It was busy, and Kimmy, Mike, and myself were the only experienced techs on the floor. Mike was in surgery, Kim was supervising, and i was running my ass off. It was nice to see the grave techs showing up.

I also ended up staying almost two hours late. At midnight, I volunteered myself to assist in surgery, mostly because I wanted to get off the floor, and I need more surgical experience. It was fun - a bloat/splenectomy on a sweet german shepard with SD and Levi. HUGE spleen. it was neat. By the time I got the dog recovered, it had gotten really busy and there was another surgery to be done. So I cleaned up the bloody mess in surgery (and in the process accidentally stuck my hand in a puddle of cold blood - that was gross), did some outpatient treatments, and got out just before four.

I'm back to work tonight, but I'm a supervisor and it's grave, so it'll be a little more comfortable.

With any luck, I'll see Michael before work. I finally reached him yesterday, grouched at him a bit for being unreachable, and now all is well.

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