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Michael left a while ago ... we had a really nice night. A rare night - he doesn't have to be up at 0600, so the night wasn't over by 2100.

Dinner first, annoying waiter. weird speech affect - he stretched out some of his words. "Everything alriiiiiigght here?" "Do you guys neeeeeeed anything?" it was odd.

We watched People vs. Larry Flynt, because Larry Flynt is my hero. After that, we watched Romper Stomper, which is a mindfuck of a movie in that you can't help but be sympathetic for these abjectly unlikable people. It's a very early Russell Crowe movie.

A little while longer, a little more beer, a few more cigarettes (healthy lifestyle, eh?), and some cuddling and not-cuddling on the couch, then he went back to his house and i am here - on my brother's computer with still more beer. nothing to do until 10 pm tomorrow.
mmm ... beer.

I feel terrible for Heather. What can I do, though?

i have stacks of letters to write, not that i can send them before tuesday anyway.
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