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People make it better.

As icky as I was feeling yesterday, I spent some time with some friends, and it made me feel better. I love my friends ... great to know people that will stay out until the middle of the night with you talking about nothing in particular.

not a lot going on, and nothing really that I feel inspired enough to write about. People are coming to my house tomorrow (later today, really) and I'm all excited and nervous about that. I have some cleaning to do when I wake up, but almost everything is ready to go.

Treated a goat at the hospital Tuesday night ... a little baby one, 10 weeks old. I love working with a doctor that will treat anything. It was the funniest thing, this little goat in an incubator with an IV cath sticking out of its neck. So cute. I wanted one until I was informed that they are unhousebreakable. Flea seemed to like it too. Of all the animals he decides he likes ...

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