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Now you can go where they get things done

I had a damn nice weekend, and i'm actually in a fairly good mood. I got some Michael time. Work didn't suck. I'm not stressed. I slept a reasonable amount. I came up with a design that will make me a million dollars, just have to get out the sewing machine and start working on it.

maybe less than a million, but still, i've got an idea.

I'm again annoyed with humanity, for a number of different reasons. I'm annoyed with the helpless, the self-righteous, the hypocrites, the weak, the miserly ... i'm annoyed with California's spoiled children. Don't throw up your hands in the air and wail about all the things you can't do ... do, or don't, make a change or shut the fuck up and go back to your suburban lives.
It's way too easy for people to simply so what makes them feel better about themselves ... protect the precious self-esteem; don't bruise your delicate, peach-skinned ego. That would be a travesty, and you may have to face the harshness of the real world. It's not pretty, there aren't easy answers, and no one is going to make anything better by pickling themselves in vodka and moderating heated political discussions in coffeeshops.

And for anyone who would call me a hypocrite for saying these things, remember: I don't pretend ... I'll never pretend to be an activist. I have my causes, i support them in ways that I feel may actually make a difference. I don't feel the need to be an exhibitionist about my political views.

Want to do something? then do something, make it happen.

I've also been thinking how pathetic it is to be scared ... keep running. Face your fear or I will mock and exploit your weakness until i tire of you.

I'm even less socially acceptable when I'm in a good mood, meh?

in other news, i think New Orleans has been effectively written off the list of possible places to move - for the near future, anyway.

Levi had to hear my rant this morning about the mistreatment of the citizens of that city. One word on the subject, and i had paragraphs to say.

stephinextremis' hair is the hawtness.
Mine is currently faded with blondish brownish roots.

school, then work, work, work. lets see if this good mood holds. maybe if i ever remembered to take my anti-depressants more than once every other day.

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