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not the best day ever.

I have just spent ten hours gluing sequins and sewing up bridesmaids dresses.
Now I'm going to spend ten hours at work, hopefully doing something more stimulating.

I love to sew, but alterations are dull, and why am i the only bridesmaid out of seven that can do a fucking whipstitch? does no one learn how to sew? and the bridesmaid drama ... or actually, the maid of honor drama ... the girl who is leading us around by our necks, telling us where to be and when and what to be wearing, showed up two hours late, didn't help, and left in an hour.
Disgruntled bridesmaids are not a good thing.

We did all this at the home of the bride, and I saw their dog - Buffy, a fifteen year old Labrador. I haven't seen her in five years or so, and it was sad to see her today. She's got tumors coming off of her bones, she's emaciated and weak and can barely walk. She seems to be in pain, but at the same time she's tail-waggy and eager to please. i begged lacie to put her out of her misery soon. i felt like a fool, crying in the yard over a dog i haven't seen in years, but i felt terrible for her.

We were all supposed to go to dinner, but the wait at the restarant was an hour and forty-five minutes, and no other restaurant would do. I came to my mom's and ate cold leftovers.

I'm already tired, and my day just reached the halfway point.

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