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pass the kleenex ...

I'm sick.
Michael was a little sick, and now I'm a lot sick.
Someone come take care of me? No? No one? damn.

Yesterday was dull and lonely, but i got some knitting done. I should be doing my homework, but i'm online looking for simple things to knit with one ball of worsted-weight red yarn.

eh, i hate being sick, and i hate being sick knowing my two work/school days are coming up, plus uber-painful tattoo removal on wednesday. Last one before the wedding!

I lost my driver's license sometime in the drunkeness of Friday. I'm hoping it's at Michael's house, though I've made an appointment with the DMV just in case. Without a driver's liscense, I can't get on the cruise in two weeks. I have an expired one, but i may not be able to use it. no bueno.

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