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disgruntled bridesmaids on a boat

Saturdays are almost always slow and easy, and that's the way I like them.
I do have to make myself not feel guilty for not getting a whole lot accomplished. It doesn't matter. I spend some quality time with the cats, did a few things around the house, put six inches on my scarf, and relaxed a bit.

A nice day before a long night.

In a week, I leave for my cruise. Three days on a boat with a bunch of bridemaids and their friends. I'll get back on shore on a Monday morning, and go to school and work that night. And the next night. And I'm working all but one of the following seven nights after that. Why am I doing this? Because I'll be broke from the stupid fucking cruise, of course.

I just hope I can find time in there to see Michael a bit. And maybe get some knitting done.

What does one wear on a cruise? do i need deck shoes? maybe my big black hat ...

for now, i'm off to work, hoping for calm.

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