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What will it take to overcome my human traits?

Yesterday was death day at work. Three codes before I even started rounds, and apparently they euthanized something like six patients on the swing shift. It was nice, though ... once the excitement died down, it was a quieter evening. Better that they go before the night shift starts.

I have a final in four hours. I am not going to study. I'm going to do some knitting, go in there, take my best guess, and get the fuck out. I hate school. I can take my boards in a year and be done with it.

The more I know of people, the less faith I have in humans ... There are those out there willing to take advantage of people who have stuck up for them through everything they've ever done. That isn't enough? No logic for the insane, though. Not my problem.

"What will it take to overcome my human traits?"
I don't want to be a part of whatever you are.

I've got a lot of misanthropy lately. I'm just disgusted with human nature.
Really, I just want to curl up with my dog and my boy and shut out the rest of the world for a while.

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