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forecast: fire

There's a big fire, about five miles away. I can smell it. I'm a little bit scared.
I already called my brother and told him that if they evacuate me, I'll be arriving with a car full of animals later tonight.

This morning, I was outside of work, smoking with Levi. I craked a joke about the weather - "this is the kind of weather where i just hope no one flicks a cigarette out their car window" - only half joking, because this is what happens, in this dry windy weather.

I was going to crack open a bottle of wine, but i think I'll wait until the fire goes out.

The news report.

I don't like the idea of thinking about what I would take with me if i had to leave quickly. I've got a bag already packed for the cruise, i'd grab my computer (or in the interest of saving space, maybe just the hard drive). I've got four cats and a bird to move and only one big carrier. My insulin, of course.
I guess everything else is just ... extra.

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