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I really wanted to go home last night ...

I have been working all weekend. Ridiculous amounts of time were spent at work. I only had one scheduled shift ... Saturday graveyard. 9-9. No big deal.

Christie at Central asked me a few days ago to work part of her Sunday swing shift. I agree to work half. 5-9. No big deal. So I don't get much sleep Sunday.

So I work my Saturday graveyard, and was exhausted at the end of it, mostly because i got no sleep of quality on friday night. Go to my mom's house, crash out, after the requisite checking of e-mail, at around 11. wake up at 3. Back at Central by 5. Really busy there, running around, doing CPR on a rabbit, lifting fat dogs onto the x-ray table, off the x-ray table, onto the x-ray table, off the x-ray table, ad nauseum.

Leave there 930 ish and drop by TC. Hear a few comments about how tired I look. Accidentally make Holly fall on her ass on the patio. Which was really funny once I got over feeling bad about it. Left there at about 1230, after hearing from Michael, "you need to go home and go to sleep."

To my moms house, lag around a few moments, grab the dog and my stuff and back in the car, up the 22 on the way to Home. So looking forward to warm flannel sheets ... As I pass the Brookhurst exit, the phone rings ...

Naomi. From the Garden Grove emergency clinic.


"yes ...?"

"Um, Shelley called in sick tonight, and we're really, really slammed, and is there any way at all you can come in tonight and work?"

Naomi has this certain cajoling voice ..

and i consider my situation ... I'm two exits away. I have clean scrubs in the car. I was tired, but I knew I could make it through the rest of the night. And I've been in the situation Naomi was in, shortstaffed and busy, and it sucks.

And work is money and money is nice.

So I go in, and go right into doing anesthesia for a laceration surgery. And when that is done, there is more to do ... nonstop until 10 am today. And then we escaped, and Naomi and I went to breakfast, where she marveled at the dark circles that have formed under my eyes.

Long story short ... 37 hours ... 4 being social. 4 wasted, 4 sleeping, 25 working.

and now i'm home, and my shoes are finally off, and I'm not sure I want to go to sleep ... however, I may not have a choice in the matter at this point.

those who could love me, won't.
those who would love me, can't.
those who could and would i have no interest in. too easy ...

I'm not bitter about it at all, i just think it's funny.

Got a phone call from an old friend, a girl I knew years ago, she wants me to go to her wedding. Apparently she's been trying to track me down, but I've moved and my phone has changed so much that she couldn't find me until she met up with a mutual friend today. Anyway, she's marrying this guy who is a knight at Medieval Times, and I think that's so cool ... a knight in shining armor ...

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