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bon voyage

So if anyone wants a postcard from Mexico, leave me a message with an address by tomorrow night. I'm hoping to have interweb access onboard the ship.

I leave in twenty-five minutes. I'm nervous. I'm sure I'm forgetting something, though by the size of my bag it appears that I'm bringing everything.

My mom and I caught my brother's roommate's ex-girlfriend stalking him last night. It was pretty funny ... I picked my mom up from the airport in my car and took her to their house. As we pull up, we see Chelsea's truck doing a slow creep in front of the house. I pull into the driveway, and she stops, backs up, and drives away.
It was so not nonchalant. I've been laughing about it since.

Anyway ... i'll be home Monday. Probably no cell phone access until then. I will make a valiant attempt at accessing the interweb, because i'm dependent on it.

I talked to alexvdl this morning. He graduated from Basic. I'm proud of the kid.
Tags: vacation

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