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old japanese men love me!!!!

it was an odd moment ...

posing for pictures on the waterfront in Ensenada with old Japanese men who found my hair so novel, while my pants are stuffed with pills and cuban cigars that I'm smuggling onto the ship. Things you just don't do everyday.

I <3 mexican pharmacies.

We're just leaving Baja now. It was nice to be on stable land. The boat is moving and rocking again, and after one blessed, motionless day, i am nauseous again. If i didn't have to get up so early in the morning, i'd pop some of my new pills and sleep through the rest of the day.

There's a bad band playing in the lounge behind me. They're doing covers of disco songs. I wish to shoot them.

On this boat ship, there's a disproportionate amount of ugly people. Actually, there are pretty easily markable groups. There are, of course, the old. They congregate at bingo and the buffets. The old men are drunk. There are the Japanese (with the Old Japanese subcategory). They photograph everything, wear awful high-waisted shorts, and move in groups. There are middle-aged party moms, taking a trip with "the girls". They're drunk in the bar. In Ensenada, this was the demographic in Papa's and Beer flashing old boobs at everyone. There are families. I don't know how they planned on having a good time, they just chase kids all over the ship. Oh, and there are the divorced men. They are also drunk, awkward, and hanging out in the bars. They can barely dress themselves, and it shows.

There are not many people my age, and it serves that there is not much for people my age to do. I can't/won't dance to disco. There are multiple "clubs" and "lounges" on this boat, but no 80's. or 90's. or electronic/dance. all oldies and some club rap.

I feel bad for the people who have to work here. They are all forgien - mostly Phillipines, some from the Caribbean and south america. They have a feeling that they are not well paid, and the cruise company seems to encourage a demanding, "please walk all over out employees" culture.

The bridesmaids will come find me soon, and then drag me off to dinner, where i will have to pretend to have fun.
Unless i can hide.

I miss Michael.

I wrote postcards.
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