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Sunset for Sunset ...

I arrived at my mom's house to find that my ring/bottle opener has arrived in the mail. I had to replace my high school class ring to wear it, but i will never be without beer opener again. I'm having a beer now - it had to be tested out. (It works fine.) Small joys.

My dad had his pacemaker put in two days ago. He has a bandage on his collarbone. He's going to work today, says he feels much better now. They never did give him a name for whatever is causing his bradycardia, but at least it's being treated.

The kitty that I fell in love with yesterday? The one that I would have adopted if it needed a home? Her name was Sunset, and she died shortly after I left. She died. I've been sad about that all night. The ventilator cat, the one with the liver that looks like pate, she is alive and the beautiful fugly cat with an odd mouth problem is dead.
Sometimes, i feel like this is what happens to all of the patients that I like.
I definitely feel like Sunset shouldn't be dead, but that will not make her any less dead. The most I can do is learn from her.

Assuming that I wake up at a reasonable hour, I will get to see my dreammadeflesh tonight. I am looking forward to this. I've missed him.
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