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I am so much older than I can take

When I'm dead, I want to be remembered as someone who did exactly what she wanted to do ...

but I'll probably just be remembered as a malevolent bitch. either way.

I'm burning out on work fast here. Two more days. I've spent the last two days taking care of a braindead corpse of a cat on and off the ventilator. I love my gomers, but i hate the owner, and I've still upset about the death of Sunset. It's unfair. The cat that should be alive is dead, and the cat with mush for a liver and a dozen other terminal problems is alive because we are going to great lengths to keep her that way. It coded four times yesterday. The skin is starting to break down. I don't feel bad for the cat, because i can't even think of her as a cat at this point. It's just a huge waste of resources.
The owner is upset because she doesn't think that we're doing enough to make her cat better.

i have my cynicism as a defense mechanism.

I got a few happy hours in before work, and it was nice. I have sunday to look forward to. I have lots of things to look forward to.
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