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same day, different scrubs.

So the ventilator cat finally died this morning. Her kidneys went, her liver was gone, her brain was dead, and finally her heart gave out. Poor thing was put through far too much.

We left the ventilator set up, in preparation for the dog that looked like it was about to need it. And then i went home.

I really wish my life involved something other than work, but this week, it just doesn't. I try to keep the happy maybes in mind, so i have something to look forward to. Otherwise I'm drowning in the present.

Some of the people i work with are fucking retarded and need some sense slapped into them. The dog is awake and his temparature is normal ... so you leave the cage door open and the heating blanket on them? And then walk away? I realized this when I, from the lab, spotted the dog walking across the room, panting and trailing his iv lines.

i miss my social life. someone, take me dancing?
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