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best weather ever

It was beautiful last night ...
We walked on the beach, my heels sinking into the wet sand. The full moon was above, the clouds to the northeast. Lighting flashed - sharp lightning, the kind you can see every detail of like a jagged highway on a map. I went to the water hoping for glowing waves, but while they crashed and foamed, they did not glow.

The glowing waves, they come with the warm summer nights, right?

Last night was just what i needed afer an over-long, insane week.

Was last night the last of the summer storms, or the first of the winter rains? A little late in the year for thunderstorms, but i'll take it.

Michael laughs at me when i dance in the rain, but then he comes out to join me. He's as dorky as me, at heart.
Tags: love

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