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ode to shiraz and dental tartar

Nothing like being drunk early in the morning. Don't blame me, it's the wine's fault. It called to me, as soon as I walked in the door this morning.
A good red wine makes me have very, very bad ideas.
This is why i drink it at home by myself, and stick to beer, vodka, and whiskey when i go out.

I did a dental at work last night, and extracted a tooth. technically, I'm not supposed to extract teeth, but i have to learn to do it for my RVT program and the tooth was just about falling out on its own. When i went to scrape the tartar off, it came halfway out. The doctor walked me through the other half. Work is fun when i learn stuff. We don't usually do dentals, but it was a sort of special circumstance.

I've got tonight off. I'm going to relax.
Tomorrow, I'm going to slice up a pumpkin. while drunk. with work people.

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