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I just pulled out eight inches of scarf because i just didn't like the way it was looking. frustrating, as i've already put hours into it, but i know i'll like it better in the end if i redo it all.
This is what i get for knitting without patterns.

I did get some productive stuff done today - I cleared my bookshelf of dozens of books i know i'll never read again. I really don't want to move that many books again, and I've been carrying these around for years. Goodwill can make better use of them, unless anyone here wants any of them. I'm also willing to give away my textbooks if anyone wants them - cultural anthro, bio, psych, algebra. Otherwise i'm going to try and sell those.

So now, instead of crowding my bookshelf, they're crowding my floor until i can find a box and lug them to goodwill. Goyle has already knocked down a stack of them.

i need to sedate myself into sleep.
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