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contraband at theo lacy

Visiting Danny today was kinda fun. I haven't seen him in two weeks, and i miss him. I snuck my camera in there, and took a couple pictures. I also showed him pictures of a few people that i had on my camera, and it turns out he knows bunches of the people that I know from TC, including Steph and Michael.

Danny's out in 35 days, and I'm really looking forward to it. We're going to have some fun.

I had the strangest interaction about my hair last night. I was at a gas station in Riverside, and this old man is staring at me. I'm trying to ignore it, and finally he walks up to me.

"Girl, what happened to your hair?"
and as usual, i can't come up with anything snarky on such short notice, so, "I dyed it."

Silence and staring for a moment longer.

"Does it hurt?"

I'm groggy and do not want to go to work. I was "on call" last night, but the voicemail I received from Regina went like this: "Go ahead and start drinking, I think we have more technicians here than animals."
I hope tonight is the same, i want to get out early. It won't happen, I'm sure. Eight pm will come around, and everything will devolve into chaos as it does every weekend.

I should walk the chihuahua. We both need the exercise.

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