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misbehaving kitties

Friday night, work was dull and I went home two hours early.
Saturday night, work was the seventh layer of hell and i stayed two hours of overtime.

Three - three - cats that ate things they weren't supposed to. Koko ate string, Ozzie ate a piece of one of those rubber bracelets that support a charity, and Mel Gibson (stupidest cat name ever), the short-bus special kitty, ate a plastic bag. So two kitties were cut open and one kitty had a camera down the throat to retrieve these unfortunately lodged objects.

Then there was the seizing chihuahua with the hysterical male owner, the two barium series dogs (every hour, x-rays on one or the other ... i should be glowing with all the radiation i got last night), and the dog with the colostomy bag. That was a first. Lucky me, I have now been trained in colostomy bag care for dogs.

I will see michael tonight, and it will be nice. It will be nice to not go to work, and not go to school, and we probably won't do much more than eat dinner and drink wine and veg out, but i think that's all i want to do tonight.
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