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exacly what are they trying to prove to who?

I cannot express how deeply annoyed i am with the overinflated self-importance of several of my co-workers.

As I am wont to say in such situations, they can all blow me.

And if you're going to be enough of an ass to sign off on and take credit for other people's work, then be big enough to take the criticism when the work is found to be done in a dangerously shoddy manner.

I'm getting really burnt out, and the patients i fall for are still the ones who die. Savannah did, Lena will. Scarlett, the old nasty cranky basset hound who has such horrible diarrhea that we have put her in a diaper, will probably live several more happy, fetid years.

ok, happy thoughts ...

i just got a text message from Michael ... from his new cell phone ... one communication obstacle down, possibly at the expense of his self respect. He fought it long enough. We'll see if he ever answers it. And how long until he loses it.

Anyway, it was really sweet to look at my phone to see a message from Michael. He makes crappy mornings better.
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