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blistered feet

So that whole stupid daylight savings time thing added an extra hour on to my shift. It was unanimously agreed that it was the longest night ever. It was quiet and dull. Not so bad, but i barely stayed awake. An extra hour to do things, and we barely have anything to do

i bitch when it's busy, i bitch when it's quiet, i know ...

My feet have blisters from walking so much in vegas. There are blisters in between my toes. It's going to take a decent amount of alcohol to get me dancing tonight.

I'm already getting specific beer reqests texted to me for tonight. Yes, honey, i'll get your Imperial Stout.

I picked up more of my perfume while I was in vegas. I can smell it on my hands when i rub my eyes and try to wake up. It's comfortingly familiar.

ugh, still tired. feeling bloated, lazy, apathetic ... coming home from a vacation is always depressing. Especially since i still can't see Michael until tonight, and he's what i wanted to come home to.
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