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How do we sleep when our beds are burning

Chamber was actually kinda fun last night, in a ghetto-of-OC kinda way. We started by getting drunk in Heather's former place of employment and then got to the club at tenish. I wasn't really impressed with the music, my companions were impressed with the free buffet and cigarettes, and fun was had all around. I was accompanied by heather_leather, and J.T., who was dressed as Jesus (and got away with just about anything he wanted because of it. "Buy Jesus a drink, motherfucker! I'm the son of god!") At the club, we met up with decayineden, rotting_orange (who spilled a drink on my leg, but i really didn't mind - I was distracted by her super-shiny costume), and Justin (Jarhead).

It's almost cute, watching Michael get jealous of Heather and I. He's got nothing to worry about. Her boy is even more jealous.

I slept at Michael's last night, and it was nice, especially after being gone all week. I love sharing space with him.

It's Halloween, I guess. I just can't get excited about it this year, since I've got school and work tonight. I should get a little bit of costume, maybe. Some horns or ears or something.

back to sleep for a bit more ... 0730 is too early for me to wake up.
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