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feeling superior again today

I was in the shower, all naked and scrubby, when i had a thought. (it happens.) So many people wished ill of Michael and I this year, after everything happened ... people loved to tell me how stupid i was, what a bad person he is, how miserable i'd be.

All i can say to it now is ... HA! bite it. Things are better than they've ever been.

Just had to get that out there ...

anyway, we're going suit shopping, as soon as i get my lazy ass dressed. I've got to pick out something hot for him for the wedding. hot and affordable ... someday we won't both be poor. When I was in Vegas, we went by the Hugo Boss store. They had these beautiful, lush suits in the window. I think i left drool prints on the glass. but it's way beyond me or michael. Someday ... when i own a chain of animal hospitals and he's a trauma surgeon ...

I sold another textbook on Amazon. I love it. $50. It's like I have free money. I tend to hang on to my textbooks, but there's no point in moving all of them again. I'm clearing stuff from my house like crazy. Clothes, books, and i think I'll do a dishes purge soon.
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