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good stuff ..

It's been an interesting couple of days, even though I spent most of today at work. I could have gone out, and planned to, had I not overslept like the lazyass that I am. I could have gone out after work, but most everyone had gone in, and the only thing that I could find going on wouldn't happen until two, and I didn't have clothes for the occasion and didn't want to wait around OC for an hour.

But I've been in this really good, happy, playful mood for a few days now. I love feeling like this. I've been seeing my friends, having fun. Good conversation with the people I love to talk to. Nothing gets less confusing, but it's ok, I have fun.

With any luck, I'll be in Las Vegas for some of next week ... going out to meet up with my friend Jesse. I have no place to stay out there as of yet, but I have friends ... this may be a fun little excursion. Depending on where I am able to stay, I'm going out either sunday night or monday morning, and coming back tuesday or wednesday.

Learned a great new term for vomiting from andy ... "Uploading to the porcelain server." Beautiful.

That's all.

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