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how to housebreak a puppy

Purl is coming home in the morning. I'm actually a little nervous. I bought her a collapsable crate, so that i can sleep without worrying about her chewing up everything in the house. I don't have any toys or puppy food - i'll have to see what i can glean from work. She's paper-trained, but i've got to start getting her used to going outside.

Fun with puppy training, really. I was at PetSmart getting the crate today, and the guy that helped me get the crate off the shelf was trying to sell me on puppy-training ... until i told her she had Parvo. That shut him up. It's like the scarlet letter of puppyhood.

I get her a collar, too. It's purple. is anyone surprised?

A cat bit me at work on Saturday night. It was a minor bite, just two teeth punctured the skin. Not very deeply, and i didn't even fill out a bite report (bad supervisor!!!). It isn't getting infected or anything, but today it aches. Cat bites are so much more traumatic than they ought to be.

Dinner with my parents last night was nice. They admitted, after dinner, that Persian food was much better than they expected it to be. My parents, so afraid of anything different.
I wish my brother was there, but he was out in the desert. Michael came with us, and he was in quite a mood. Most of the time, i love his sense of humour ... but it's not necessarily the best thing when out with my family. No big deal, but he got a few dirty looks at dinner. All was forgiven fairly quickly. He's really good at knowing how to make me not cranky.

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