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free used womens underwear!

I sat down on Michael's bed last night with the intent to read a magazine and relax for a minute, and woke up eleven hours later, still in my tight pants and turtleneck sweater. I guess i was tired.
Friday was a long day, starting with Purl's veterinary appointment (she got microchipped!) and then the bathing of every dog at my mom's house. Last night, Michael and i braved TC to meet up with Joe, Sammy, Zach, Steph, Alexious, and Norm. We all ended up going to some cafeteria style fish place in HB with televisions in every corner and sawdust on the floor. Once i'd had about enough of the rancid seafood smell, we decided to go.

I was shopping for something on Amazon earlier, and came across the funniest piece of feedback i've ever seen:
"I would bypass free used womens underwear in bulk to buy from this seller again!@#! XD"

Must have been quite the transaction.

I want to skip out on giftmas shopping for this year, but i do have ideas for everybody except my dad. What do you get for the guy who doesn't really need anything i can afford?

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