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Adventure like I'd forgotten i could have

I don't even know where to start ... I got Las Vegas at about 9pm last night, making it out here in a frightening 3 hours ... I was with my old friend Chris, and we found my friend Matt's house, but had no idea where Scotty and Jesse were. So we're over here trying to track them down, and Jesse finally calls me. So drive across town, pick him up, and go out for the evening ...

Snippet of conversation ... I'm not as strong as I thought I was ...

"Hey, Kase? can I talk to you for a sec?"
"Sure hon, what's up?"
"No ... over here."
(ten feet away now) "ok ... what's going on?" *long pause* "Jess ... "
"Um ... hate to ask ... I need need a clean."
"A clean wha ... ooooh. Oh fuck, Jess, oh no ... why are you asking me for this right now ..."
"I'm sorry, Kasey."
"Fuck ... well, you know I've got one for you. Um ... so how much you got?"
"I only have one shot on me. They gave it to me when I got here."
"Okay. okay. Good."

I know he was lying to me about how much he had and I love him for it. All my friends out here know the situation .... that doesn't stop them from being insensitive enough to ask for my needles, but at least they are being insensitive and not sharing.

So we parked the car and walked around some of the strip. Chris had never been to Vegas before and was quite entranced by the lights and sounds and dollar drinks. We drank at one bar, and walked over to some cowboy bar to ride the mechanical bull, but most unfortunately the bull was broken.

So we decide to go downtown, to Fremont Street and all that.

I've become rather sheltered lately, and forgotten what it's like to hang out with people who's looks make other people want to fight us. Now I'm with Jesse, who is a small skinny scuzzy punk, and Chris,, who is a larger but not really big scuzzy punk, and Matt and Brett who live out here, and are sweethearts, but totally useless in a fight. And we park the car again and walk past a large group of people in front of the Greyhound station.

Guy comes running up to us, and makes the accusation that Chris uttered a slur of racial derivative as we walked by. Chris isn't like that ... not like that at all. None of us in the group are. No one said a damn thing to this guy, we had been going on in some conversation as we walked by. But this guy was looking for a fight, so it seemed, and went after the biggest one of us, which was Chris. Who did not want to be fighting, but Chris can take care of himself in a fight. I stand back. The guy is being wild, screaming at all of us to get out of his way, when in truth none of us wanted to deal with him at all, but he was intent on having this fight. This guy, btw, is big ... big enough that most of us in our little group couldn't do much damage without a bottle or something. And he has a big group of friends behind him. So he's swinging at any of us that are near, coming at us .... punches Jesse, ok Jess can deal with it ... punches Brett. Who is backed up against the wall, trying to not get involved in this.

Not tolerable. I go after the guy. Knowing how really useless I am, carrying a bag, smaller and weaker, but pissed off. And I get punched in the face three times for my efforts ... but he hit Brett, and that wasn't cool. Eventually Chris grabs my sweater and drags me away from trying to kill the guy, and we take off, none of us wanting to deal with cops or this guy's friends.

And more drinking and smoking of cigarettes whilst indoors. So novel. More bars, drinks are so cheap out here. Me trying to defuse testosterone and convince them that we should get over it and not go back and fight anymore. And then it's like 3 am. I take Jesse and Chris to where they are staying, and we go pick up our friend Jeanette from the same bus station that all this drama had happened at like 3 hours before. Luckily, none of the people were there. With the scene that was caused, I wouldn't have been surprised if the cops came after we left.

And then breakfast at Dennys, like so many nights at home.

So far I have lost $5.50 to slot machines. Bastards.

Today, I dunno, Matt was supposed to go to school this morning, but we ended up being out so way late last night, he overslept ... I forgot there was someone in this world who is more difficult to wake up than I am. I'm supposed to go get Jesse and Chris in a bit, but I haven't even taken a shower yet.

I think I'm getting this awful bug that everyone has had ... I thought I dodged it, but maybe not ... but I'm just going to pretend I'm not sick until I get home.

Oh, and I've decided I don't like downtown. Fremont street makes my face hurt.

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