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Purl/Abby is back in the hospital, with a fever and enlarged lymph nodes. I was almost home when my mom called me this morning and told me that she wasn't feeling well, so i fed the cats and bird and turned back around to OC, where i met my mom at my work. Her temp was 104.5, so x-rays and bloodwork and IV fluids ... there is apparently some fluid in her abdomen and her intestines are inflammed. Could be viral, bacterial, who knows ...

So i'm tired, stressed, and worried today.

My mom is even more worried about Purl/Abby than I am. She waited at the hospital while i did her tests, and made friends with all the other crazy owners in the building. Including the one who was driving me crazy last night, telling me that we weren't feeding her cat enough food. That one said a lot of nice things about me to my mom, which is nice. The crazy clients love me, this is established fact.

If I wasn't going into work tonight, I'd be checking out this new club in Garden Grove - Infirmary. I just can't resist the medical name.

But I am going into work tonight and next wednesday as well. So that will have to wait.
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