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I haven't really wanted to talk about it. Last night, I left Michael's to come sleep at my parent's house (because i can't sleep in at Michael's) and my dad wants to talk about it. At length. He wants to understand what happened, and it's so hard for me to explain, as i'm tired, slightly tipsy, and not great at putting everything into layman's terms. But I try. Then he starts talking about looking for another puppy later on, and how he saw some ads in the paper ... i told him about responsible breeders, and i'll go find him a puppy when they're ready. I don't want them to go buy some crappy 909-bred lemon dog with hip dysplasia and bad eyes. I just hope they wait awhile.

This is probably what the disease was, if anyone was curious.

Michael and I have talked about maybe when things settle down and if our living situation goes the way it looks like it will, then maybe I can get the Whippet puppy I've always wanted. Later, of course ...
It made me so happy for a while to have a real dog, a dog that i can run with and play with and maybe even train. I don't want to wait forever to get the dog i really want, and Michael just wants me to be happy.

It's not that I don't love flea, but i've always said that Flea is more of a bouncy cat than any kind of dog. Taking him on walks often involves carrying him most of the way home.

Though it took far too much effort to get myself out of my house last night, i did end up having a pleasant evening with Michael. We watched old mental hygiene movies and drank expensive whiskeys from tiny bottles. We also watched Sideways, which was one of those movies in which i hated almost every character in it. Not a bad movie, though. Then I amazed Michael with my mad ninja skilz.

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