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You don't have a will to live?

It's easy to save money when one is too depressed to go out at all.

I am, even more than usual, not doing christmas this year. The big push from the right-wing christians about reinforcing the "christian-ness" of the holiday has pushed me over the edge. I don't want to tell everyone merry christmas. I don't want to have it shoved into my face at every public place i go to. It's not my holiday, it's not my god or baby jeebus.
Anyone who tells me merry xmas will get "happy saturnalia" in return. Or maybe even "happy solstice" - it's even more non-religious.

I participate in "family christmas", because if i don't, my family will not talk to me. And it appears that I may be getting a coach bag this year, so it is definitely in my best interests to show up.

Like i told michael earlier this week, i think I'm even more misanthropic than usual. I really don't want anything to do with people ... i don't want to see anyone, certainly don't want to talk to anyone ... i just want to hide for a while.

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