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drunk with co-workers

Well, the holiday party was interesting. I did not get too drunk, no thanks to weak drinks. Three (drunk) people came up to me to tell me that I was their favorite supervisor. Imagine that. I had to work hard to keep my randy goat-boy boyfriend away from certain co-workers that caught his eye, and apparently i am much more popular with one of the receptionists than i ever imagined.

So what does one do when a receptionist outs herself at a company party and then attaches herself to one's side? I think i missed that chapter in the etiquette book.

Christmas bonus was very, very nice. For all the drama i go through there, i do work for a very good company. It all has to go into savings for now, but it'll be a big help when/if i move.

My mom, in a fit of nice, took me out for a mani-pedi this morning. My claws are now pretty purple, and i've been caught up on all the family gossip. Apparently I have a cousin named Rori. Rori Emma. Of all the stupid-ass names ... but that's my family.

Today is consumer-gluttony day. I've got all my family to shop for, plus Michael. Everyone is getting books this year, because I'm only going to one store. Except for my wonderful uncle george, who is getting the bottle of purple hair dye that he wanted. he's awesome.

My dad wants a puppy for christmas, but no one has been able to convince my mom that it is a good idea. Especially since she just found a place to put Purl's ashes.
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