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"It's a goddamned honey baked ham!"

Family Xmas was as amusing as usual. Everyone made fun of the new cousin's horrible name, my uncle was stoned, my dad fell asleep, and we laughed at pictures of my long-dead grandmother wired on trucker speed. My family ... certainly flawed, probably trailer trash, always interesting.

I left with five losing scratcher tickets, a selection of lotions and good-smelly stuff, a trader joe's giftcard, and some jewelry. My aunt gave me a pretty silver cross on a chain ... i don't know what kind of a statement she was trying to make with that.

I knit my aunt a scarf, and i was so afraid that she wouldn't like it. I shouldn't have been - she adored it. That's the fun in handmade gifts, i guess. It's so nice to see something I spent so much time on be so enjoyed.

When michael and I left, we were loaded up with leftovers. I've got cheese enchiladas, banana bread, and vegetables enough to last me for a week.

It was fun, i'm glad it's over, and i'm off to work for tonight.
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