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blisters and an aching jaw

So I get this frantic phone call from Jesse early this afternoon, while Matt was at school ... "We called the greyhound station and the last bus to LA is at 2:45. Can you come get us and take him to the bus station?" It's maybe 1pm, and I have just gotten out of the shower. they are on the other side of town. I am staving. my car is almost totally out of gas. And I lag notoriously.

So I leave a note for Matt and set out on this venture ... dress quickly, discover that I have left my toothbrush and eyeliner at home, eat a Clif Bar, and drive in circles in Henderson looking for a gas station. Find one, fill car, and head towards the Rio where I pick up Rudy, Chris, and Jesse. To the bus station, where luckily none of the characters from last night's events were in attendance. Chris barely makes it in time, getting his ticket as they start boarding the bus, and further pushing it by deciding that he had to have a beer for the trip and sending Jesse out for one. Finally, we see him off ... hope he made it home ok.

Rudy wanted to go see a movie, and I was up for it, feeling tired enough to make it through 2 hours sitting still. The theatre was at the other end of Fremont street, so I walk all the way from the bus station down Fremont, in my new unbroken-in high heels ... I have blisters.

We went to see House of 1,000 Corpses ... first, we were the only ones in the theatre, which felt odd. Kinda cool though. Private screening. The movie was ... well ... there is something to be said when a horror movie doesn't scare me. Casper scares me.

I bought Jesse a little barbell to replace the one he lost in the fight last night ... it's a piercing between his eyes, across his nose ... he didn't have the ends in, and the barbell got lost when he got hit. So I get the barbell for him, he goes to put it in, and immediately drops the ball. Of course. This is the kind of luck Jesse has. After a few moments of searching, I found it lodged in a crack in the sidewalk. and put it on for him.

I took Jesse and Rudy back to Rudy's apartment, hung out there for a while and talked to his cats. Then back over to Matts, since we were supposed to be hanging out all day and Rudy was taking Jess to some show that I had no interest in seeing. Circle Henderson again looking for a drugstore to get a toothbrush ... some of this area is worse than Irvine.

Once we are all ready to go (Matt lags worse than I do, and he had all day to get ready), we went to this bar on Flamingo ... cool little place, actually. The bartender was this cute little chick, they had a great jukebox (it had MC 900 Ft. Jesus - I was so happy) and drinks were cheap ... well, cheap to me, Brett was whining about paying $2 for a beer ... Brett proceeded to get totally plastered, not helped by Matt and I buying him shots of tequila. As I write this, Brett is still totally plastered, 6 hours later, outside getting stoned with Matt.

Matt owed me breakfast, so he took me to Blueberry Hill for pancakes. I'm surprised we didn't get kicked out ... Brett knocked over two glasses of water and a soda, threw ice all over the place, and kept trying to order drinks from the waitress (not that they served alcohol there, that seemed to be immaterial to him).

We stopped by Tommy and Laudun's apartment after that, which was way cool, I haven seen them in three years. They're getting married this summer, so I will be coming back out here for that. Sucked though. My face has been aching all day (thank you random crazy guy of yesterday), and it really started to hurt when we were over there. So I doubt I was much company. And I ended up playing with my phone, since I wasn't doing much talking. But still, very nice to see them ... I saw some of the art Laudun has done recently, and it's beautiful.

At some point during this night, Brett decided that it would be a good idea for him and I to get married, and was trying to talk me into it ... I respectfully declined the offer. To do it for humour value alone would make me laugh, but I promised my mom that I wouldn't get married while I was out here.

And now I'm back here, typing and going to go to bed .... now.

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