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in my own house ...

I had so much fun ... and i'm so happy to be home ... missed my house, my cats, my doggy, and my friends ...

hard to say goodbye to my friends out there ... First time I've seen Jesse in like two years, and who knows when I'll get to see him again. He's talking about moving out to Vegas, but that's still far, and I think Indiana is better for him. He looks so much healthier now.

work drama ... the guy who agreed last week to work tonight calls me at 6 pm, and tells me that he doesn't think he'll be able to work and doesn't have a ride. I tell him I'm in Nevada, not a lot I can do ... so he says he'll call Christie and see if she'll work and call me back.

Calls me back at 9 - Christie can't work. No one else can work. Oh, and by the way, he called the manager and told her it was my problem and not his because I never "confirmed with him" that he would work Tuesday. (apparently just agreeing on it wasn't enough ... next time i'll get it fucking notarized.) So I call my work, freaking out because it's my shift, and my responsibility ... the girls and the doctor on tonight tell me not to worry about it, they know he promised to work the shift and to stay in Vegas and have fun. But I feel bad ... and now I don't know if i'm working tomorrow or not, or what the hell is going on ...

fucking work. no, i love my job ... fucking people I work with.

But all to be dealt with later ...

tomorrow i'm going to go out and see my friends ... drag my bass down, probably ... depending on what goes on with work, I may be in OC for the rest of the weekend.

the drive back was beautiful ... clear, empty desert ... sky full of stars ... four hours to think ...

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