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gift haul

I'm not sure if i'm getting sick or still nursing a hangover. Not feeling so great today. Not horrible, but not great.

I got some xmas presents from my parents last night. The Coach bag that i wanted, a cape, two new pairs of converse, a soft black cape, some socks, and some snuggly footwarmer things. Not a bad haul.

Tonight, I'm supposed to hang out with Tina and go to Bunker. I promised Kylie that I'd be at bunker, but it'll only happen if i'm feeling better by tonight. Work last night was insanely busy ... i may just be rundown from that. Working with GU is always fun, even on the crazy busy nights. My least favorite tech got shunted off into surgeryland, so i didn't have to deal with her whining, simpering voice all night.

One of the other graveyard supervisors put in her notice, so i'll be picking up wednesdays starting in January. I hate to work more, but i need the hours that badly.

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