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he made me promise to find him on myspace

No love for the alcohol insomnia.
I woke up at 0545 and couldn't get back to sleep at Michael's. So I drive to my mom's house and can't get back to sleep here. I've got to go to my house sometime today, i've got to get some sleep before work tonight, i've got to avoid all this holiday crap for just two more days. My family is already gone to the river - Michael and I will join them next week, after i finish a few days of work.

Last night, I changed plans multiple times and managed to flake on even more people than usual. It all worked out well for the most part. I had somehow forgotten that it was bats night. Danny texted me, so i dug up some bats-appropriate clothes and headed to LB. Stopped for a few at heather's house to collect my christmas presents and laugh at her boyfriend's electronic ankle bracelet. I guess if you're going to be on house arrest, heather's house is as good a place as any.

Got to Bats a bit early, made the usual rounds. Irene was there, Danny and Kylie showed up, and Heather and JT stopped by late. It was fun to see everyone, and i made a new friend. That's two this week! Kylie was amazed. Don't know why I've been talking to strangers lately, but nothing bad has come of it.

Off now, i suppose, to do the riverside round-trip. Drive home, feed animals, collect laundry, drive back. Sometime soon i have to pack for next week, and i don't even know when i'm going to be able to do that.

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