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I was in an odd mood last night at work. I was covering for someone, so i wasn't supervisor. I ended up being procedures tech, which I don't so very much anymore. I assisted with a toe laceration on a huge labrador and an abdominal surgery on a teeny little kitty. kitty ate string ... bad kitty. She was a Burmese ... an uncommon breed of cat with huge eyes and a small mouth, making them look to me like cat/owl crossbreeds.

Surgery went unusually smoothly. Usually if i'm involved in a surgery, some mishap will occur. Not necessarily anything my fault, but bad luck - a machine won't work, we'll be out of some suture, stuff like that. This one, we were in and out of the cat in 45 minutes. It was almost fun. Took me longer to clean and re-wrap the instruments.

Flea went with me to work last night too. I finally got his nails trimmed. he's good for everything but that. Nail trimming involves at least two people and a muzzle.

One more night of work, then michael is coming up here tuesday. We're going to stay here Tuesday night, then drive to the river Wednesday morning. I've been looking forward to this for so long. Even though I have to take my homework with me, it'll be nice to have a break. And ride my bike ... this one isn't mine, but it's pretty close.

My parents will be down there for the week as well. There's a tradeoff - we eat for free and can take all the toys out, but i have to deal with my mother and pretend that neither of us smoke. Not too hard to manage for a few days. For the river, it's worth it.

I got some nifty xmas gifts from friends and co-workers. Steph gave me sparkly makeup, Suzanne gave me a Hello Kitty wallet, Lynn gave me a very cool keychain, and Heather gave me some jewelry. Almost enough to make me feel bad for never buying anything except for family.

Sleepytime now, so i can get some shopping in before work. Clearance sales everywhere!
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