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as promised ...

I asked brad to take the picture. I guess I should have also asked him to focus the camera, and then take the picture.

These are my parents. Exciting, no?


The snowman died. So tragic, really. Honestly, I can't believe my mom put an inflatable snowman up on the lawn at the fucking river. Seriously, people.

The reason I am incredibly dusty and Michael is not is because while he was riding comfortably in the buggy, i was riding behind them on my quad, in the dustcloud of a desert that hasn't seen rain in months. it was skin-crackingly dry out there.

death_in_vegas, I didn't get any pictures of wildlife, but here's some proof it was there. We seem to have a family of racoons living under our boat dock.

Views like this, from the sand and rock mountains above Aha Quin, just take my breath away. I'd ride for days to be there for half an hour.

Click any of these for full size, the detail is kinda neat.
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