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i am the most interesting Kasey on myspace

I've finished my homework goal for tonight.
Just five physical exam reports and twenty infectious disease cards to go, and that's it for this semester ... annoying busywork.

My days off are wasted for this whole week, i'm just sitting here, spending my time typing nonsense. and that's even before i get onto LJ. I will be going out with Michael tomorrow night, but i'll be doing that between homework sessions. We'll probably end up discussing leptospirosis or something like that over dinner anyway.

Found more old friends on MySpace, and found that there is another Kasey Littlefield out there, and she is really dull. And i'm not sure why i'm surprised by this, but she looks nothing like me.

Logic tells me that i should attempt to sleep sometime soon ... gotta finish my beer first. I paid good money for my newcastle in a paper bag, can't let it go to waste.

I think i just decided that i'm going to go see my vegas friends sometime in the next three months. I miss that group.

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