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does your tongue fork get in the way?

So i had a brief thought the other day about how many people i've discarded over the last couple years. I decided that i'm better off for it - stagnant people bore me, and boredom is intolerable. The people i really care about and care to know at all are still around.

I know i keep high standards for my friends, but seriously - why waste the energy being a friend to anyone i can't make myself respect? Some of the people i don't talk to anymore have been going through the same cycles over and over so many times as to become parodies of themselves.

Don't accuse me of throwing stones from my glass house - i know exactly how well liked i'm not. It really doesn't matter though, i'm not out to be everyone's friend.

and just think, all this bitterness is before i start drinking!!!

I just got home from work ... clear and calm decaying into a complete maelstrom. The first of the flat big dogs was carried through the door at 1730 and the parade continued as i left at 0130. Lots of big, loud, messy dogs.

I talked briefly to my manager, and we're going to do my review on Tuesday morning, after my monday night shift. I'm kind of excited ... a good review means a raise, and aside from my notorious attitude problem, there's really nothing I can think of that would earn me a poor review. So i think i should be looking forward to this ...

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