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My internet is working again, after a day and a half of no service. Fuck adelphia, this happens way too often.

Work was surprisingly uneventful last night. I was procedure tech, assisted with a bone marrow aspirate, an esophagostomy tube placement, and a vaginal biopsy. I got to feel really left out for about fifteen minutes, when i was in between two girls talking about how hard it is to find larger size bras. I told the size four E-cup how little sympathy i had for her problems.

I left work at midnight-thirty and went by the grocery store, since we got paid and i don't have to live off ramen for a little while. There's something fun about putting on my iPod and dancing around an all-night grocery store. Just me, my music, and shelves full of canned vegetables.

A friend of mine that was also involved with the wedding in november sent me a disc with her pics from the cruise and the wedding. there's a few interesting ones.

Michael in fine form. :)

One of these is not like the other ...

you knew this picture was coming.

and the bride and i, also in fine form. i love this pic. we're so drunk.

okay, that's all ...
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